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If you haven't heard of of the 'Caveman regimen, you're not stuck in the dark ages. It's yet another half-baked idea at to eliminate acne

What they mean by "caveman" is keep your face dirty... don't wash it... don't use chemicals... just let it be. You know what cavemen did before cleansers and before acne

Now, I couldn't agree more with this theory. After all cleansers and a most other acne products destroy your skin's microbiome which can make acne worse. Once you mess with your skin's acid mantle it's all down-hill from there.

Your skin's acid mantle is the film on the surface of your skin which acts as the barrier to bacteria, viruses and environmental pollutants and free-radicals which might penetrate the skin. Sebum from your sebaceous glands and your sweat make up this acid mantle. And we love washing it off when in reality you'd be better off going out into your backyard, dig a deep whole, scoop out a hand full of fresh dirt, pack a thick layer all over your face for as long as you can stand it, sit down, read a book for an hour, then wash . I recommend this treatment once a week...forget that facial you booked, you'll just go home and breakout...you know you will

Hang on though!...  Giving up on washing your face entirely isn't the answer to eliminating acne....that's just gross. Eventually you need to cleanse your face to remove bacteria and environmental pollutants. Washing excessively however...like even more than once a day will disrupt your microbiome and your skin's natural ability to balance and restore itself. A little natural oil and sweat is a good thing

But that being said, even the perfect amount of face washing with the perfect acne product won't be as effective as they could be if you're not targeting your Acne Signaling System... and you're never going to cure your acne by NOT washing your face alone. That is why the Caveman regimen is only a half baked idea...

Because here's something you haven't heard...As long as you're constantly activating your Breakout Mechanism you'll always have acne.

What is your Acne Signaling System?

It's where acne begins, the central point of acne initiation and proliferation, the root cause....and it's NOT on the surface or even beneath the surface of your skin. So washing or not washing won't eliminate your acne alone



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