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If you're male and have acne you may have overlooked a few reason your acne persists.

Your acne will most likely never go away if you aren't targeting your Acne Signaling System - the central point of acne initiation, where it all begins

I'm going to guess it's pretty damn frustrating to be a grown man with zits!? Not so hot right! This can definitely be a source of insecurity and depression. You're feeling unattractive and maybe aren't comfortable being as socially active as you want to be.

Acne is 3x more likely to go untreated by the male population. A large percentage of men with acne may not consider taking the time for regular facial care as often as women will. You may not even know where to start with product right?... shopping for skincare is not necessarily your thing?

Plus, as you have most likely already accurately imagined... there are currently a whopping 1,953 over-the-counter acne products on the market, not to mention topical ointments and medicated creams, and acne medications (Wow, you'd think the industry would have found a cure by now right!?)

Obviously proper cleansing and moisturizing is important, it isn't nearly as important as effective as cleaning out your insides
So here are some tips to optimum internal balance that can have great impact on your acne

REDUCE INFLAMMATION: It's critical to reduce internal inflammation. Inflammation is the root of all disease, including acne. 
*Diet Related Inflammation
Inflammation almost always begins in your gut, causing hormonal imbalances and forcing your immune system to go into overdrive. When you eat certain foods you reduce the good bacteria that live inside your gastrointestinal (GI) tract that aids in repairing your gut lining

These good bacteria are essential in supporting the immune system, digestion, decreasing inflammation, AND yes...the production of your man hormones. A poor diet kills your healthy gut flora and is replaced with bad bacteria causing inflammation which directly affects your skin.

Scientific research... (forgive me, I know those two words run rampant in all acne information) has long proven there is a direct connection between intestinal bacteria and chronic acne and the gut bacterial imbalance is 10 times more prevalent in acne patients than healthy people

1.Reduce Stress - When you're stressed your adrenal glands produce the stress hormone Cortisol(also known as the "death" hormone) You also secrete more testosterone. If you have have chronic stress your adrenal glands will eventually become exhausted and as a result too much testosterone will lead to more oil production in your pores
2.Reduce Caffeine Intake - High caffeine consumption may affect adrenal glands which produce hormones and cortisol levels
3.Reduce Simple/Refined Carbohydrates - There are 2 types of refined Carbs:
- Refined/Processed Sugars - white sugar, all processed foods that contain white sugar
- Refined/Processed Grains - Basically any grain derived food that doesn't say "Whole Grain" on the package

Refined carbs have been stripped of almost all fiber, vitamin, minerals, and have all the nutritious parts removed. They are considered "empty" calories
They are digested quickly and have a high glycemic index which leads to rapid spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels after meals. A diet with a high in glycemic index is positively linked to acne
4.Reduce Gluten - IF (and only "if") you suspect or know you have gluten sensitivity, eating gluten will cause poor digestion, stomach issues, and bad gut bacteria growth, leading to inflammation which will aggravate acne
5.Reduce Hydrogenated oil - increases bad cholesterol (LDL) and decreases good cholesterol(HDL). They block production of chemical that combat inflammation and benefit the hormonal and nervous system
6.Reduce Trans fats (basically all junk food and fast food/everything yummy) - Trans fats inhibit an enzyme necessary for the regulation of blood flow and also increase inflammation and contribute to insulin resistance. 
7.Reduce Sugar (especially white refined) - Foods high in sugar and saturated fats like white bread, candy, fried food, soda will spike your body's insulin levels which triggers inflammation and binds to collagen, degrading your skin cells. Too much insulin in the bloodstream leads to growth of pore-clogging cells and excess production of oil and bacteria in your follicles 
8.Reduce Dairy Products - Our bodies contain IGF-1 is the hormone in our bodies that promotes increased cell growth. Cows also contain IGF-1...So adding foods with a high insulin index around puberty is like adding octane fuel to and already full tank of raging hormones. Dairy is already being packed full of it's own growth and sex hormones and expecting your body to manage that is impossible. Now back to cell growth. Remember IGF-1 being the hormone in our body responsible for increased cell growth. This increase starts happening inside our pores, increasing sebum production, and bacteria which leads to clogged pores, and acne. I'm gonna guess you don't want those female Bovine post-natal sex hormones circulating in your blood anyway!?

Good luck Guys! Please message me anytime with any questions about this post, diet, acne product recommendations, or any acne related info. I'm always happy to help 
Also, give me suggestions for future posts on relevant acne topics you're curious about

If you are curious to learn more about the Acne Signaling System check out


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