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The Pictures were not Supported

Edward Redweed


Accutane is a vitamin A derivative.

You do not need to buy this expensive drug nor risk going through the possible harmful side effects.

Because Accutane and its generic brands (isotretinoin) are a vitamin A derivative you can get the same benefits from mashing carrots in a blender and rubbing the carrot slush on your face as a cream. Trust me the vitamin A in the carrot is enough to make your skin stop producing so much oil.

When exposed to air, vitamin A will oxidize to some extent to form retinoic acid which is isotretinoin.

Want to see the chemistry.

The beta carotene that is in the carrot is cleaved at the C15 to C15’ double bond yielding two molecules of retinol (i.e. Vitamin A).


The Vitamin A undergoes oxidation at its terminal alcohol (OH) group yielding 2 molecules of 11-cis retinal as shown below.


The 2 molecules of 11-cis retinal have alternative fates they may either became all trans-retinal or undergo oxidation with the oxygen in the air to become retinoic acid which is another name for isotretinoin. Hence you have just put acne cream on your face.


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