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day 20

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so i’ve been breaking out recently i don’t know if it’s the purge stage or stress or what i’m eating... i have three big pimples on my forehead (which i never break out at) and just know i saw a LARGE bumpy red patch next to my nose on my left cheek which i’m scared of it becoming a big pimple because it’s right in front of the face where people see you :( i’m trying to be so positive but everyone around me seems to not stop pointing out my acne like do they think i’m blind and can not see it for myself? i am getting agitated. i suffer with depression already and all of this is just making it worse, it’s not really accutane’s fault though, it’s just my own personal life. anyways, i have a question for anyone that reads this, what should i be eating? and what gould i not be? i know dairy is out but what else? if you wanna recommend anything to do please help me, it is greatly appreciated! 

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update! the patch is gone thank god. i drenched a tissue with rose water and just put it on top of the patch and a few minutes later it’s gone. i think my skin was just irritated from washing my face and the dryness. sometimes i don’t wanna wash my face in the morning bc it isn’t even oily but i don’t know i’m scared. well there’s that.

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A few things that should help are to cut out foods that are very high in sodium and sugar, and to cut out processed foods.
Also Drink a crazy amount of water! I know its really hard to drink a lot of water sometimes but that really does help! I usually drink a lot of green tea when I don't feel like drinking plain water. You should be able to tell a difference within 2 weeks of drinking a lot of water/unsweetened tea everyday regularly. Also What has really helped with my dryness is Jojoba Oil. I wrote about it in my last post and I still haven't had any breakouts from the oil, I actually think this is helping my skin so much! I would definitely give it a try for a few days if I were you, see how you like it. You can get a little bottle of it for around $7. 

I suffer from depression as well and it took me awhile to get on accutane because I was scared it would worsen my depression. However I have decided since I started accutane that if I ever feel extremely down or someone points out my acne I am going to try my best not to let it bother me and reassure myself that life is a crazy journey and sometimes we just have to see the good in the bad.

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