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Low Dose Accutane / TCA Cross Update (Photos)



Low Dose Accutane (Day 45),10mg/day.
- Still in initial break period but the severity is getting better slowly
- 2~4 pimples every week
- Dryness 
- Itchiness (especially around eyes and nose)
- Still getting extracted from spa bi-weekly
- Skin texture got softer
- Face with a lot of red/pinkish spots from breakouts and extractions. Some of them fade away within 2-4weeks but some of them are still very visible even after 3 months. 

TCA Cross (Day 32)
- TCA test-treated spots (yellow circled in the picture)are basically not improved much.. in my opinion.They certainly got wider and became more noticeable. In depth-wise, they became around 10% better. However, so far, I still think the scars actually got worse. Hopefully, they get better in time. 

Within 2 months when my face become more stable, I am planning to visit clinic to consult about TCA Treatments. Probably 5 treatments every 1-2 months.