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day 15



hello! so yesterday i went to my dermatologist for a follow up and she asked me if im seeing any improvement, i told her the truth and said that i kind of do, because i do. i still get some pimples but also im seeing improvement on the pimples that i already had, i dont know, it is kind of confusing to understand but i am still breaking out but also clearing up on other parts at the same time? anyways, she said that she agrees with me so yeah. she made me do a facial and some IPL which i like because i truly support IPL for acne. if you never had IPL before, i hardly recommend it. i decided to take gluten out of my diet because supposedly it is bad for you, it is SUPER hard because i love bread :( but i found some gluten free bread so its kind of okay, it is not the same though... my lips are super dry, no amount of lip balm is helping. i asked my dermatologist if i could use moisturizer and she said not yet so im going to have to deal with the face dryness for now. it is really hard to go outside, especially because i am so scared of the horrible things people must be thinking when seeing my face but i am forcing myself to go out more, even if i end up having a panic attack while at it because staying at home all the time is very bad for me and my mental health. so thats my update for today, i hope you're okay and if you have any thing to say, feel free to say them!


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