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Acne Journey

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ight so i doubt anyone is gonna read this but imma post it anyways. I have always had mild to moderate. I honestly can't remember when i started to get acne, all I remember was my older sister who also has acne telling me to start washing my face because im gonna get it soon lol. . So then when it started to get worse I would use my older sisters old prescription creams and I don't remember what they were. My acne started to get worse, and at some point I went to the dermatologist and got doxycycline I think, probably like 2 years ago. That cleared my skin well, I think i was on it for like 3 months or so. Then when I got off that I started to use the regimen on here. Followed it strictly and had clear skin with about 2 to 3 white heads a week and sometimes deep ones that don't come to the surface. My acne is mostly around mouth and sometimes nose and between eye brows. This regimen worked well for my pimples but not for my overall skin. I gained super sensitive skin, but i thought it was a worth it trade, red skin and no acne rather than acne and normal color. Also, I surf every day that I can, so its getting tough to use bp as my skin is becoming more and more sensitive, basically I always look sunburnt and people always comment on it. One day I was looking at the posts on here and I came across the caveman regimen. I thought this would be super sick because I hated how much time the regime takes to apply and I felt weird doing it sometimes because no other guy seemed to have to put in so much work and worry. So I tried it and the first 2 weeks were super good. I basically did the surf version of this in that the only time my face came in contact with anything was salt water for about 2 hours. When I would first jump into the water I could feel all the oil come off my skin and it felt acidic, which I thought meant it was working. I only would have like 1 white head and I could see normal skin color coming back into my face and i was super excited and honestly started to have a different outlook on how my life would be without having to worry about a regimen. (I went throught a whole thought process for 2 weeks deciding if I was going to do it or not and one reason i thought it would work was because i've never had acne on my back or chest or neck so I thought maybe it was caused When the purge stage came, I couldn't bare it. It was the worst It had ever been in my life and I was breaking out in places that I never had acne before. Felt pretty depressed and didn't want to hang out with anybody. Then I went back onto the acne.org regimen except I was dumb and went straight for the full bp instead of easing into it cuz I thought my skin would still be used to it. So I basically came close to chemical burns and my face was straight red all over. 3 Months later of the regimen and depression, My skin came close to  back to how it was before the breakout. Except now I had acne that I had to control next to my nose and on my temple  and some on forehead.  So over It went from a 3 to a 5 on my personal scale(the breakout was a 9) So after a while of the full regimen I decided that there were other things that could help with acne and redness, so I stopped dairy (my favorite food is cereal and ice cream), starting drinking green tea, take zinc supplements, drink table spoon of acv, ate healthier (less sugar no more drinks besides water, etc). I also started to only do the regime once a day, which was working at home but then went to college were it is humid and isn't working as well. That brings us to where I am now, mild to moderate acne that acts differently than any acne i've had so far. I have small bumps and white heads on the area next to my nose mostly on left side, around mouth, in between eyebrows, and little bit on temples. I am writing here because I can tell that It is getting worse as time moves on, maybe because humidity? It seems that using the regimen once a day isn't  even reducing the redness that much. So I wanted to write on here and see if any of you guys have had similar stories and maybe could think of a regimen that is similar to bp but not so harmful and can balance with surfing and sunburnt life style. 


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