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Post Estroblock & general skin update



Hi Everyone!!

Wow it's been a long time. Sorry about that guys. I've been wanting to do an update for a while now but things have been so hectic. I think this will be my final update for this blog, since I no longer use Estroblock. 

First off, it definitely worked for me, hands down. I actually stopped taking it back in January 2018 because I got so busy with things I just forgot to take it daily and my skin was completely clear at that time (and I even had a whole lotta stress at the same time). By then, I had been taking it daily for 9 months straight. When I stopped taking it, I didn't see any changes. No new acne came back. So I just stopped it altogether and my skin has been clear since. I will say though, that i think it was a combo of estroblock and my facial rotating brush for evening cleaning that did it. I don't think I would have the clear skin I do if I was just doing one or the other. So all in all, the electric facial cleaning brush (you can get these anywhere guys, I got mine half price on a website called vanity planet) and the estroblock together worked wonders. I no longer feel the need to keep up a daily pill if I'm still getting fantastic results with just the facial brush. 

In case anyone wants to know my current regime, and whats kept me clear for the past year now, check it out:

1. I got my acne under control using Neostrata's glycolic line, and used mild chemical peels on my skin every other day
2. When my acne cleared up almost 80 percent, I decided to switch to an all natural good quality skin care line since I didn't like the idea of continuing to use peels (i was concerned about my skin thinning long term)
3. I stopped neostrata and chemical peels completely, and started using eminence skincare (this stuff is expensive but incredible- been using for about 1.5 yrs now). I use the stone crop gel wash every morning and night, and I use the bright skin serum in the evenings (I saw a change in my red hyper pigmentation within weeks using this serum). i then apply a small amount of waxelene (all natural vaseline) before sleeping. Mornings I put on the vanilla day cream with SPF after cleansing and go on my merry way. Skip the makeup girls, I never wore makeup ever, and I think your skin needs to breathe while its healing itself.
4. I used estroblock in conjuction with the facial brush (only for evening cleaning, don't overdo this!) for about 9 months. I stopped and now I just use the facial brush.
5. Once or twice a week I like to use a good old strong clay mask (clay with apple cider vinegar thats it). It'll bring the blood to your face. I clean it off with water and then clean my face with cleanser and facial brush after to ensure all is off. I seriously think this has been helping to keep my pores clear, and also the blood flow has made a serious difference to my pitted acne scars wow. I use the "living clay" detox clay powder. 

My skin has never ever been better and I am so thankful I found a regimen. I used to think skincare was bogus and everything was coming from inside, which is still true but your skin also needs the right nourishment and protection from the outside. I've tried way too many things and finally realized no matter what you do inside (more water, healthy diet, etc...) the change is so gradual and takes SO long. Yes it will help, but quicker results come from dealing with the outside as well. Find yourself the right products to use- it took me years to find something that worked for my skin so be patient, and most of all whatever you pick STICK with it for at least a few months!! 

Hope you guys are having an amazing summer. Stay hydrated for your skin and remember that self love is the most important above all. When you love yourself for who you are, despite the acne, it will gradually disappear no matter what you are doing. Also, staying busy and keeping your mind off of the acne and negativity is massively important and greatly underestimated. I really implemented this and it helped.

Peace and LOVE homies <3



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