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WEEK 7 of Accutane [80 mg/day]

Holy heck it is closed comedone time, my dudes. They are everywhere. I didn’t used to break out on my cheeks but now I am. I still believe that it’s the comedones being expelled because I shamefully picked one of the more painful spots and a small, teardrop-shaped hard piece came out of my pore, almost like a small piece of uncooked rice. From previous experience, that’s similar to what is in closed comedones - really hard semi-spherical bits (don’t judge me, this is science). Good news: nearly all of the blackheads on my nose are gone, my body acne is almost gone as well, and my neck no longer breaks out. Bad news, aside from above: I got a cystic spot INSIDE my earlobe somehow (it feels like an airsoft bullet is in the exact center of my earlobe, just above my earring hole) and my period is wildly late. My research around sites like these said that having a really late period in your second month is quite normal, so I’m just hoping that it doesn’t decide to show up in the next few days, as I am moving into my apartment on Saturday.

Products used:

-Aveeno Sheer Daily Moisturizer: morning and night

-Neutrogeena Oil-Free Moisture with Sunscreen (SPF 15): mornings when I plan to go outside. I hate the smell and oily texture of sunscreen immensely, but this product is actually pretty good.

-Burt’s Bees chapstick: use in morning and throughout the day

-Aquaphor tube: apply at night before bed

-Dove cucumber moisture body wash: I use shower gloves for my body (GENTLY)

-Dr. Bronner’s Peppermint Castile Soap: Distilled 1:2 of soap to water in a separate glass bottle. Used only in the evenings after showering, or if I pick my face.

-Heliocare oral supplement: on days where I plan to go outside a lot (still wear sunscreen, though!)

-NAC supplement: for OCD, anxiety, depression (many sites suggest also taking a vitamin C supplement with NAC; I take the daily multivitamin below and a little bit of an “Immune+” Emergen-C packet [the type w/vitamin D, since my multivitamin doesn’t include it] every other day)

-Kirkman’s Multivitamin without vitamin A or D


-Dry face: Not considerably; worse in breakout areas and chin

-Dry lips: Yes, a little worse than past weeks but not tragic

-Dry nose/eyes: Not really, maybe a little with my eyes.

-Depression: Decreased actually, potentially from NAC

-Thirsty: I definitely have to drink more water, especially when I wake up in the morning, but it’s a good habit to get into :)

-Hair loss: Yes, but I’m not going bald and I still have eyebrows. Less in the past two or so weeks.

-SUPER late period, and a few scattered false alarm days where I got that feeling and just knew that it was gonna stab me in the uterus within the next 24 hours. Ladies, you know what I mean. :P


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