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Going private - Accutane

A Bit About My Acne:
I started getting mild acne at the age of 13; as I got older I started getting under the skin cysts and my acne became more moderate. I’m 20 now and my acne severity has lessened with the help of the pill and creams, although my skin is still not where I would like it to be.

My First Dermatology Appointment: After a bad break out last month I begged my Doctor to refer me to a dermatologist. 
The waiting list in my area to see a dermatologist is 8 months, so I ended up going private, as I couldn’t wait that long. 

My dermatolist was very nice and surprisingly didn’t ask me many questions before prescribing me accutane. He told me  the cost of my prescriptions and consultations for a 5 month course is estimated to be around £700-£800 which seemed a small price to pay for clear skin. 

I had to take a free pregnancy test while at the hospital but I was able to start accutane straight away without waiting for the results or having any initial blood tests. I’m 54kg and my Doctor has prescribed me 20 mg for my first month, which cost £24 from my local pharmacy. 

I’m really excited to start seeing results! 



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