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Caveman update



I'm about three weeks into this. Now I would really count the first two weeks because the first week I exfoliated twice, the second I tried a three day thing, but this week I really didn't wash. I only splashed with water in the morning after my workout, and used oil to remove my makeup at night. Yesterday I used a natural toner to remove some oil because I was going out. My face feels and looks horrible. I know wearing makeup can't be good for me, but it's so bad I'd look like a freak if I didn't. I'm going to give this another week, maybe two. I'm going on vacation to the beach soon and I hope I clear up by then (it's in a month) but if I don't and I come back with bad skin, I'm going to use a gentle cleanser by Aveeno and a moisturizer for the winter. I'm not sure if I'll use a toner, and I'll probably stick with olive oil to remove makeup. I'll probably won't go back to harsh acne products, but just having skin that feels clean will be amazing. And I'm not sure if this is a bad idea or not, but I'm going to use a sugar and oil mix to exfoliate at the end of this week. My face feels gross, and I don't care I just need to clean it. I've never been more disappointed with my skin in my life


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