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Day 9 and 10



Day 9 I woke up with the cystic acne back. I had a spot on my chin and later in the day a spot formed on my cheek. Now, first let me say this: I'm no expert, but I don't need to be to tell you to LEAVE. THEM. ALONE!!! Seriously, if you get cystic acne, do not touch, do not pick, do not press..... don't even look at it if you can manage. Unlike whiteheads that are above the skin and can usually be picked with no real problem, cysts are below and need time to surface. So let it sit there for a few days, and even then, don't attack it. This damages the skin so bad. I recommend that if you do make that mistake, at night cleanse the area and dab on some Neosporin or an antibacterial ointment,  put more on a band-aid then sleep with the band-aid over the area. I learned from a first aid course I took that wounds heal better if they are in a moist, clean covering. And this has worked multiple times for me, not just on my face.

Anyway, aside from my two new friends, there wasn't much different. My face felt pretty smooth, and I assume it's because I use the olive oil to remove makeup. Guys, I can't believe how much I love this. Seriously, if you're like me where you still need to use concealer on some areas of your face, this works amazing as a gentle, natural makeup remover. It even removes my mascara and eyeliner. Just use different cotton swabs (I use the cotton rounds or pads) on each area so you don't spread your eye makeup to your face. You could probably use JoJoba oil too. I would stay away from coconut because coconut oil congeals. It doesn't stay a liquid. I feel like that could clog your pores. But that's just a personal opinion.

Day 10  was much like day 9, but I have noticed something weird. The left side of my face is nearly completely clear, save for some acne scarring. (I'm thinking of using aloe on this?) The texture is gone and my face feels smooth. The right side is my only problem area. And I sleep on the left side of my face so you think it would be worse.  Also, I don't want to get too optimistic, but I think the oil is less than usual. I should mention that I cleansed day 9 and day 10 I just splashed with water. I think you would be okay just using water and no cleansers, but if you do just use water, make sure you don't scrub your face or rub it too hard. Just splash the water on gentle so you don't irritate the skin. Then I'm using the oil at night and wiping that off as best as I can with a tissue. If it still feels oily I'll splash with water or wipe with a lukewarm wet washcloth. But I like to leave some of the oil on because this keeps me moisturized and it seems I don't produce so much oil on my forehead this way.

My chin seems to be doing a lot better. Most of the whiteheads are gone and now when I touch it, it feels smooth. This is a blessing. Honesty for me there is nothing better than reaching up in the middle of the day touching my chin and feeling smooth and soft. A small whitehead will pop up, but if I pick it, it seems to just go away and the skin heals really well. I'm pretty sure my skin was purging. My nose has some blackheads. I'm wondering if they will go away on there own. They aren't very noticeable, so I'm not picking at them.

I'm hoping my skin continues to heal. 


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