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Week 0: Before Accutane/Background

     This is my string of weekly updates and self-motivating factors as I try to combat my acne with Accutane while also combatting my Dermatillomania (OCD behavior that makes it enjoyable for me to pick at imperfections and bumps on my skin, like acne, especially when stressed). Accutane is more cost effective, efficient, and thorough than trying to counter my broken-out, oily skin with even more over-the-counter products and regimens. My skin just doesn't respond positively to anything, it either makes it break out or makes it break out really badly. I’ve also started getting a ton of really annoying sebaceous filaments on my chin that won’t go away. I’ve tried many topicals and antibiotics to no avail, and this is the last resort. I may not have chronic or severe cystic acne by most people’s standards, but it is definitely unresponsive to the combined attempts of my dermatologist and I. I have been weakly fighting my Dermatillomania over many years, as despite the scabs and scars it is still shamefully and uncontrollably satisfying to me to clear out my pimples. I see a therapist for both my anxiety and skin-picking now, and I hope that taking Accutane and knowing that I could smooth over most if not all of my self-inflicted damage from the past will provide the extra motivation to get over this utterly embarrassing and socially limiting disorder! Please help me out and follow me on my journey, if you will :)

Products used:
All of them, pretty much, at some point.
CeraVe moisturizer makes me break out for sure.

Acne is dumb
Honestly what the heck


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