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How Tanning Cleared Up My Severe Cystic Acne



Just a little bit about myself and my skin:

I am currently a 25 year-old, two years post Accutane (80mg per day for six months) with completely clear skin.

At age 11-12, I began to break out around my "T-zone" (forehead and nose). The breakouts were almost exclusively superficial whiteheads that could be easily popped and would heal around 3-7 days. Up to the age of 15, I used the Proactive system and this seemed to work very well.

Sometime after turning 15, the acne in the t-zone continued, but this time my cheeks began to develop deep and painful cystic acne (this was around early 2009 when Accutane was temporarily unavailable). I tried a number of different topical treatments including Epiduo (which actually worked quite well for me), Zyana gel, and chemical peels at the doctor's office that I went to. Even with Epiduo, I still had a few pimples here and there (average of one per week). I also did not have health insurance which further complicated matters. During the spring of 2010, I discontinued Epiduo and my skin broke out horribly again. During summer 2010, I began to tan my skin in a high level stand up tanning booth for an average of 3 days per week. I did this for about a total of 3 months. About a month in, my acne had almost completely cleared up! When I discontinued the tanning, the acne came back almost immediately.

About 5 years later, after continuing to deal with stubborn acne, my doctor agreed to put me on Accutane which completely solved my acne issue.

I am now 2 years post Accutane and 100% clear.

My main point for this post is to share my story how tanning can clear up acne. I do not recommend tanning as it carries many risks, but just thought I would put it out there.


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