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Questions about the caveman routine



So having oily skin, my first question is, is this really right for me? Is it good to just leave the oil on my skin without washing? Wouldn't that cause problems? I've read about people who have oily skin and had success with the routine, but I'm still a little worried. That's why I've been gently cleansing here and there. I definitely like the less is more approach. I don't know if I'm comfortable with doing nothing. Could using a gentle cleanser at night and rinsing with water in the morning be what my skin needs? But I don't want to defeat the whole purpose of the caveman routine.

Next, am I just not committing to this enough or giving it enough time? If I completely stop washing, except for a water rinse, will the oil subside? Like I mentioned, I've never really had trouble with oil until the last two years. I'm thinking the harsh products I was using has caused my skin to pump out lots of oil. It's just really unbearable and it's really hard to not reach for the cleanser each morning.

Does skin 'purge' on this routine? I never had whiteheads, and now I do in places I never break out. This is the only excuse I have for them. But if it's not the case, I'm wondering what I should do about it.

Should I exfoliate once a week? Does this ruin the whole process?  I'm thinking it's probably good to remove some of that dead skin, but I don't want to ruin the acid barrier.

Does gently cleansing at night ruin the process? I believe the skin can heal itself, and I can't believe I've been treating it so harsh and stripping my skin so much. I know it needs time to heal, but does cleansing nightly, with nothing harsh, really affect it? For some reason, I can't justify leaving dirt, oil, and whatever else my skin gets exposed to, on my face while I sleep. And water doesn't seem to clean that well.

Is there a middle ground? I get that this routine has worked great for others, but I've discovered that I am nothing like others. I saw I guy who cleansed and moisturized the first day, only cleansed the second day, and did nothing the third day, then repeated the process. He did this until his skin cleared up, and said eventually he could go a few more days without cleansing and moisturizing. So instead of going cold turkey, he weaned himself off the products.  But again this just seems like a less is more approach. It's kind of what I'm doing now. Minus the moisturizing, because my face just doesn't need it. Does this approach properly allow the skin to heal? Or are you stripping it again as soon as it starts to get better?

And lastly, what next? Let's say I go through with this routine, only using water to rinse, and my skin clears up. Even if the oil goes away, I'm not keen on letting sweat, dirt and other bactiria sit on my skin. Would it be okay to reintroduce a gentle cleanser? I don't want to go through all this trouble to see my skin break out again. I'll never use toners or harsh spot treatments again (I threw my benzoyle peroxide out after reading about the caveman) but I am a clean person. And maybe not all the time, but just like you need to take a shower, sometimes you just need to wash your face.

I'm very concerned about my skin, and tired of waisting time and money. I want to do things right this time. Any reply would be much appriciated. Even if I could have one question answered, I'd be extremely thankful. I might follow the 3 day method for the time being. 


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