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Trying out the caveman routine



I was really desperate when I found the caveman routine. Now, this freaked me out, and I know why. Because I was addicted to the products I was using on my face and the false hope they would clear my skin. But reading about it, it made sense. And did I want to live the rest of my life with a 10 step routine that didn't even work? The worst that could happen is nothing and I'll just go on living with bad skin, but at least I won't be wasting time and money on products.

So I started caveman over a week ago. I was only rinsing with water and using a makeup remover to take off my eye makeup. At first, it was scary, but then it felt like a relief. I wasn't obsessing as much as I used to over my skin, and I wasn't getting as many breakouts. ..
Yet. On day four I started getting whiteheads all over my chin, upper lip, on my forehead and in the creases by my nose. I was concerned about this because I hardly ever get whiteheads, and for the most part, my forehead is clear except for looking like a frying pan. By the end of the week, my face felt so gross. I had to exfoliate it. I just used a product I had by Aveeno, which was the Aveeno naturals gentle exfoliater. It felt a little better, but still super oily. So for a few days, I battled with blotting my skin and dusting with a pressed powder to control some shine. I'm rinsing with water morning and night and switched from using a makeup remover to some olive oil on a cotton swab to remove mascara and eyeliner. Aside from the powder, I use a concealer on a few really bad scars I have, and this hasn't seemed to cause a problem. My skin is so oily it usually removes the makeup by the end of the day, but I do wipe over those areas with the oil. This also hasn't seemed to cause a problem. I know, why am I adding oil to more oily, you're probably thinking. But this hasn't seemed to make my skin any more greasy. It works like a moisturizer and keeps my skin feeling pretty soft. And I will rinse with water after using it, so really no problems. My skin is still oily and whiteheads are still there three days into week 2. I did cleanse my skin again today, which I'm hoping didn't effect anything. I know I shouldn't but the feel of my skin is so unbareable. I'm going to stick with this caveman routine and update on how it is affacting my skin. I hope for the best.

I do have some questions about it, so I will post on that later.



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