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dermatologist appointment



So I had my dermatologist appointment today and he prescribed roaccutane after agreeing that the doxycyline and tretinoin did not make a significant improvement. 
Majority of the accutane reviews and journey posts I've read have been from the UK or America, so I was sort of surprised at the process here in Australia.
First of all, there were no pregnancy tests (most probably because i'm 15) and my follow up appointment is in 2 months, rather than every month. Though, he did emphasise that I shouldn't hesitate to call him if there are any concerns. 
I got my blood test today and my next one will be before the follow up appointment (in 2 months). 
As for the dosage, he prescribed 20mg for the 2 months. The pills should be taken every other day for the first 2 weeks and then every day after the 2 weeks. He also said that the course may go up to a year but this can always change (shorter course if i get clear in a short amount of time).
Now, I'm just waiting on a call from the derm saying that blood test results were okay to start the course.
Any comments about experiences with a lower dose will be highly appreciated. 


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