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Hey guys! I’m a 20yo female that has been sufferring from moderate-severe acne since I was ~ 14. I took a round of accutane when I was 14 and it left my skin A-M-A-Z-I-N-G for about a year before my acne came back - mostly just around my cheeks and chin. My forehead has never been an issue for me! It wasn’t the kind of acne that ‘had me at home for days’ but it was enough that I was never comfortable with my skin. Upon starting university last year (in 2017) I decided to have a crack at another round of accutane. Once again, my skin remained crystal clear for roughly a year before my cystic acne reappeared on my cheeks and chin. I decided that my acne is DEFINITELY hormonal and no amount of medications were going to help. To also add... after my first round of accutane and before my second round I had tried EVERYTHING under the sun to clear my cystic acne. From doxycycline to mino, BP products, countless facewashes and even altering my diet to an ‘acne friendly’ diet for hormonal acne. Nothing worked. Recently I had a terrible cystic acne break out that left me with mild depression as I stayed home for days on end because it just wouldn’t heal... mostly on my cheeks. I visited a naturopath who placed me on a routine of vitamins and supplements (such as vitex) to combat my hormonal acne. I tried Vitex for two months and I know a lot of you might think that isn’t long enough but my body just repulsed the supplement and my face broke out even worse with more cysts on my cheeks. I trusted my body. I think this had to do with the fact that I don’t have an Estrogen/Prog deficiency - which is what Vitex targets, but rather increased testosterone levels as I do suffer from Hirsutism and after a few visits to the GP and blood tests, I did indeed have. The GP said and I state ‘nothing else is going to work for you but BCP’. This scared me shitless. I was at wits end and was so close  starting Dianne-35 until I came across a post on here about saw palmetto. Now... it’s been four days since starting saw palmetto (I’ll give extra details on my full list of supplements etc.) and I can honestly say what a difference! Now my acne is still there. I am using a topical (which doesn’t do much for my cystic acne, just some stubborn whiteheads) but wow. My cysts are shrinking everyday when I feel my face in the morning... my texture looks smooth and I’ve only had one new cyst (which I believe came about due to pestering an old one right beside it hehe). I’ve never posted on here. Only read but I had to make an account and rave about this. I will be active and update this regularly ~ weekly. Please leave any questions/comments and I’ll be more than happy to answer!


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