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here's a brief run down.
I have had acne since I was 11. It was mild. Over the span of these 4 years, my acne has progressively gotten worse. This year has been the worst my skin has ever been. It's terrible- lots of hyperpigmentation (i'm asian so the dark marks really stand out) and of course pimples. Fun!
I saw a dermatologist in April (2018) and he recommended I take accutane (or roaccutane, as its referred to in aus). I said no because I was hesitant, didn't believe my skin was 'bad' enough and just wanted to make sure that I trialled other options before going on accutane. So I was put on doxycycline and tretinoin 0.05 for 3 months. The three months are almost over and I have noticed a 20% improvement which is disappointing because well, three months! It frustrates me to think that if I had listened to my mum (and dermatologist) back in April and started the accutane, I may have already had much clearer skin. 
Also, this is a list of the acne treatments I have taken since 11 (my mum used to have really bad acne which is evident because of her pitted acne scars so she was quite assertive in taking me to a GP asap) : zineryt- worked great but acne always came back a bit when not in use, dalacin- I didn't really use this enough to see a difference and epiduo- I only used this a spot treatment but started applying all over problem areas (per instructions) at the beginning of this year when my acne started to get bad. Epiduo dried my skin out so, so much and also bleached/ lightened my skin.
So in a nutshell, I have tried quite a few options and they have all been unsuccesful which is why I will be starting roaccutane. 
Acne sucks. Heaps. It has taken a massive toll on my confidence and self esteem and I just want it gone. I'm scared of the initial breakout and the plethora of side effects but my skin is only getting worse and topicals/antibiotics aren't working. 
I have my derm appointment in a few days and I will probably need to get a blood test so i'm guessing there may still be a week or more before I actually start the drug. I have done a crap ton of research and read loads of these forums/blogs but majority of them were written by people aged 20+. I'm hoping that this blog of my upcoming accutane journey (teenage edition) will help others. I will be uploading pictures in future updates. 
(Sorry if my writing/structure is bad, I've never really 'blogged' before)


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