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Have I made more of this than I need to?



Going sugar free has been the cherry on top for me. I eat well and keep blood sugars on check therefore regulating hormone production. Again, I still eat fruit but no other form of sugar. Yes, I treat myself and no I don’t break out like crazy because of it. I plan my treat and make sure to have some kind of protein or good fat before hand. I sleep very well (7-8 hours). I also take a few supplements: milk thistle, zinc (be careful not to over take as I did experience nausea and headaches) and a probiotic. Stress management is big and was handled through my faith. God gave me the strength (Holy Spirit) to push forward and realize the love he has for me and the love I now have for myself. You see we can only go so far as humans but with God we are limitless. Acne is behind me now after only 8 years and I thank God for it. Sure, I worked for it but it has prepared me for where he is taking me next. God helps those who help themselves.And the key is to put him first, not your worries or anything of this world. Seek and you shall find. Peace out. 


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