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First week of using it

Katrina Siva


I never used to moisturiser my skin. Never ever. Why? Because every single moisturiser that I ever tried, clogged my pores. I rarely get acne flare ups, but I had so many clogged pores that looked horrible. 
I have pitted acne scars on my cheeks by the way.
Even moisturisers that claimed to be non comedogenic, gave me fully clogged pores and I was sick and tired of it.
Recently I researched on natural non comedogenic moisturisers, and among others, Shea butter was mentioned. I was skeptical at first. But I felt I had nothing to lose.
I have been using this one twice a day and my skin has improved so much. It's so moisturising. And the best part is that it hasn't clogged my pores AT ALL. I have combination skin and at first it looks really greasy but then it settles in so well and leaves my skin with a dewy finish. It's perfect.


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