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Spiro day 11



Background: I am 21 years old and never suffered from acne as a teen. A little over a year ago while being on Lo Loestrin Fe, I began breaking out. Most were under the skin that never developed a head and were along my jawline closer to ears and my forehead. I am currently on spiro 50mg and the topical aczone. I began treatment May 24th. I will say within only a few days I had a few new blemishes on my forehead and one on my chest and back (I never get body acne). And by day 5, began noticing the dry mouth, thirst, and increase in urination. Also since about day 3 I will wake up everyday with tiny whiteheads (at least 4-5). I am thinking this is my skin "purging" on this medication. I will say that my oil has decreased (i actually have dry flakey patches around acne bumps) and that my pores on nose and on cheeks by nose are visibly smaller. I am hoping this medication works quicker for me than the normal 3 months. My acne is by no means severe, but would consider it moderate. Also, wearing makeup right now only seems to look worse because of the flakiness. I am currently washing morning and night with Tula probiotic face wash, Aczone applied topically in the morning, CeraVe AM in morning, CeraVe PM at night. I also would like to note that I take the 50mg in one dose at night because it does make me drowsy.


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