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1) Skin follows the trend from week 3 by smoothening up and clearing up.
2) I've switched cleansers because my last one run out. Hopefully this won't do anything?

1) The skin did not clear up.
2) In fact, it is much worse.
3) After everything from the last breakout died down, every single other pore decided it was their turn to act up. I've got loads of cysts not coming to heads and my cheeks are very bumpy. My right cheek has always been worse and now the difference is pretty disproportionate. I've never been one to hide my acne even if I really hated it, but now I feel very embarrassed to walk around with how much I've got. I've even been getting some on my forehead and chin as well, which is very rare!
4) The really bad cysts have died down after a few days (quicker than usual), but I have a lot of small whiteheads now as well.

4) Differin does reduce redness and the irritation once I've put it on. When I wake up in the morning, my skin is really great but it's during the day that the irritation and cysts build up.
5) I feel like it has been clearing up the blackheads on my nose though - an effect I did not know it had.
6) I used the same Moisture Bomb mask from Garnier again this week in hopes to repeat last week's success but it has made very few improvements.

1) After reading and seeing that it may be up to week 10 that I may see some results, I guess I must just be patient. But this breakout is awful.
2) HELP.


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