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No Dairy Week 2



It’s been 14 days since I cut dairy. The first week was amazing. This week it’s all flared back up again. My skin is awful again. My mum passed away over the weekend so maybe stress has a part to play. I’ve ordered some hormone tests to see if I can track down whats going on. Utterly miserable.




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I'm sorry to hear about your mum.  It can't be easy to lose a parent.  Stress is probably contributing to your skin but remember that 1 week is little to no time so you have to at least give it 3 months minimum to properly evaluate if these changes are helping your skin.  Take pictures once a week to help you evaluate your process.

Dairy and sugar sometimes goes hand in hand so it's something to keep in mind

Keep your head up

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I have the exact same tiny pustules and papules on my face and am in my late 30's. I can relate and feel every bit of frustration you've expressed and have spent over a year restricting sugars, gluten, dairy, gone paleo, taken supplements, vitamins, herbs, seen derms......and then say f it after no improvement and indulge in sugary treats myself! You're not alone and it definitely makes life harder but we cant give up....we deserve clear skin! Eventually it should be our turn to have a success story....right. I'll be following for your updates. Hang in there and so sorry to hear about your mom.

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