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Day 14

As of today I will have been on Roaccutane for two weeks. I'm fairly sure the breakout I'm currently having is indeed my IB because I woke up this morning with four or five new whiteheads on my cheeks and jaw, but I'd rather have those rather than painful cysts any day. They look small and like they'll pass soon. The biggest and most painful cyst from yesterday has gone down heaps too, leaving an angry red mark. I also have a hella painful bigass bump on my right cheekbone next to my hairline but it was coming to a head this morning so hopefully it'll be better soon. My forehead got two huge whiteheads too but I have bangs so that covers them right up. Oh I also have a weird whiteheaded kinda irregular-shaped lesion on my right upper back, trying my best not to touch it. I didn't pick at my skin yesterday at all either, which I'm very happy about. I guess it worked wonders because despite the new breakouts the redness had gone down considerably this morning. The jaw/neck cysts were smaller too. Still feeling positive, hoping and praying the IB doesn't get any worse than this (I know it probably will but one can always hope right?)

As for side effects, not much has changed. My skin is not awfully dry thanks to a good moisturizer and the Vaseline keeps my lips under control. I'm really thirsty all the time though. Fatigue is hitting me hard too, I literally fell asleep sitting on the couch with my phone in hand yesterday. This morning blowing my nose I saw some blood as well. Not concerned though, if my nose gets really dry I'll just get one of those moisturizing spray things.

Talk to you tomorrow! 


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