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Pre-Roaccutane: Day 1



Today is the day I've made the decision to go on Roaccutane. I'm incredibly apprehensive about what I'm about to embark on over the next however many months. It probably doesn't help that I have uni exams in 2 weeks that are already stressing me out.

I've included an incredibly long, detailed account of my acne in the About section above, if anyone wants to know what I have used up to this point to tackle my acne. But as I said it is very long, just as a disclaimer.

I should probably add that I am going privately for treatment (in the UK), and I will detail costs etc. involved as I haven't really been able to find this anywhere and my dermatologist alone was very ambiguous when I asked how much treatment would cost in total. I'm extremely grateful that my parents are funding this for me, because without them I'd be waiting for referral on the NHS for roughly 16 weeks and I've got to the point where I'm really struggling to even leave my bedroom.

Tomorrow I'm going for my blood test and should hopefully be getting the medication by the end of next week before I go back to university.

Right now I don't feel confident enough to share pictures of my acne, but hopefully once the ball is rolling and treatment has started I'll be confident enough to upload them.


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