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Dry Skin People, Dryyyyyyyyy and loving it!!- End of Week 8



Changes on my skin
I never knew that the words "dry skin and loving it" would be used in the same sentence and make sense. Well, i mean just that!! and why not?? for as long as i noticed changes in my body from a girl to a young woman, i have had oily skin, the kind you would look at at any time of the day and think i have just slathered a good layer of cooking oil on (ok, ok, i may be exaggerating a bit but you get the drift).  Wearing make-up was always a grueling task, results not as impressive and i would still have an oily face as loose powder makes me have an "ashy" appearance. But now, two months into the Iso journey, there is absolutely not a dot of oil on my face, NOTHING PEOPLE, NOTHING!!  But nothing uncomfortable-maybe this is what is actually called a “normal skin” just that I wouldn’t know that from experience. Two weeks ago, i started wearing some makeup-a concealer, foundation and loose powder (the latter on an experimental basis). Well, i can't stop but looking at how flawless my face looks, seriously, i have a small mirror that i keep on my desk at work and lets just say, it has become a pre-occupation (an unhealthy one seeing as i am not paid to look at my face every one hour but hey, who's ticking??)! Oh, and the cherry on top, no need to touch up-the whole day!!

On the downside, am still dealing with hyper-pigmentation from old scars and a darker facial skin tone as a side effect of Iso. Also, i have noticed that any lesion on my skin is taking much longer to dry and heal. However and thankfully so, i have near-nothing to press on my face. The flakiness i wrote about in my last entry has also reduced significantly.

Skin-care Regimen
Nothing much has changed here and thankfully, its a relatively wet season this part of the Sahara and so i do not have to worry about too hot sun exposure-temperatures can get as high as 30 degrees Celsius on dry seasons. Besides, i am rarely outdoors and when i do, i wear protective clothing. I have only stopped wearing raw shea butter as I think the oils (earlier talked about) and Vit E mixture suffices in providing sufficient moisture for my “dry” skin, at least for now. 

P.s. i am yet to notice significant change in my skin tone on my face due to wearing a concoction of oils + Vitamin E . But then again, its been just about two weeks since i started.

I will be going for an end-of-week-8 review in a couple of days so i will update you on how that goes.




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