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One Week Diary Free - Results



The only thing I can do is post a picture because I am utterly astonished.

My skin is softer (instead of feeling like sandpaper all over - even in the acne free areas), it's not sore, and my spots are clearing up in places that haven't been spot free in years.

I have been 100% strict with no dairy. I have eaten dark chocolate occasionally (although it tends to give me a stomach-ache which is interesting because I never noticed that with milk chocolate), and I've had some maple syrup in cooking, so I haven't been sugar free. I don't eat any gluten as I'm coeliac and I've been really strict with that this week also as I didn't want to cloud the dairy-free thing with the coeliac thing.

I will post again next week. This could just be a random fluctuation. I barely want to hope that this progress will continue because I will cry and cry if it doesn't.

But as of today I'm basically witnessing a miracle.



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