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Week 1




1) I knew there was burning/tingling/dryness to be expected.
2) Also, there may be some purging?
3) But I also knew these side effects would go away after a few weeks.

1) For the first week, my skin was very dry, peeled and was easily irritated (I have sensitive skin anyway). Not a surprise, but not entirely pleasant. Thankfully, it was not evident on my face and my moisturiser works well. I have not used the moisturiser whenever I feel tight however, because I don't want to block my pores.
2) The purging definitely happened. Nodules popped up all over my face, and whiteheads near my ears and on my chin. I wasn't too worried because it seemed to be a common effect and also, the spots popped up in places I've had spots before, so this was also a good sign that I wasn't reacting badly to it. A good piece of advice is: if you get pimples in areas you usually don't, then drop that product!
3) I'm holding on for this outburst of spots to go away now. It died down after the purge, but like a bad sequel, it has returned.

1) Skin gets used to its new state of dryness!
2) Purge eventually stops!
3) Side effects really do go away!

Overall, the face looks worse but the soul feels optimistic!



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