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Epuris (accutane)



Hello all, so I’ll give you a little history I did take a course of accutane 6months when I was 18 it worked fantastic I did experience dry lips and IB. I then had a baby at 21 which at that point my acne returned maybe due to hormonal changes? Not sure I was fine after I had my child acne settled. Then at around 25 I would have some breakouts but clearer for the most part. Now at 28 my acne is consistent for the last year it’s moderate severe and humiliating at my age I’m just over it also I have extremely oily skin like to the point I look like I’m sweating all day everyday no matter how much I blot! I’m on day 3 of Epuris 40 mg (technically day 6 I’m taking it every other day for the first 2 weeks then I will be taking 1 a day after that)

im wondering how bad should my IB be since I’m starting slow

will the extreme oily skin keep me from the peeling of skin from dryness 

and has anyone taken EPuris every other day to start and how was experience? 

epuris is offered in Canada same thing as accutane better absorbed  apparently. 

Any feedback will help thank you for taking the time and reading and for your responses! Will keep you posted on progress and side affects (I am breaking out now wondering if it’s due to my period coming or if it’s the epuris (accutane) 


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