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Gina K B

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Baby powder with a twist



I read a while back about mixing Talc with a bit of water to make a paste, apply it to spots and it dries them out. Gave it a try, loved it. So I decided to get creative! I bought some of cuticura’s mildly medicated talc (works wonders for itchy skin), and decided to mix it with other things to create a paste. Here are the best results so far! 

1. Mix the powder with one or two drops of whiskey. Yup, whiskey. Not only is the alcohol great for drying up healing zits, but if you have nasty throbbing painful acne, the whiskey acts as a numbing agent! I’ve also found that it’s great for bringing spots to a head quicker.

2. Mix with TCP. Now I’m not a huge fan of TCP. It does help my spots, but it can be very drying which can lead to redness, so I reserve this stuff as my “big gun” to tackle the really deep stubborn spots that won’t budge. 

3. My typical method, the powder mixed with saltwater. The salt is mild enough to dry out the spot, and is a great natural antiseptic that speeds up the healing. 

Now I guess you could argue “Why don’t you just put those things on your face without the talc?” 
Truth is I’ve found that the talc gives these remedies more staying power! As a naturally oily and sweaty person (Gross right),I  find that if I just dab the treatment, for example the saltwater by itself, onto the zitty region, I end up having to constantly reapply it. But in conjunction with the powder, I only need to apply once before bed. Eventually the concoction dries on my face, no further applications needed! 


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