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It's all about what you eat



Four days ago I just went totally off plan and gorged on gluten and sugar. It started with a bit of chocolate after lunch each day. But then I just went off the deep end. For three days I ate whatever the f*ck I wanted. I was just so fed up with not having clear skin after 6 weeks of being so strict and careful.


Well, now I’m paying the price and I look bloody awful.


Compare this to four days ago. Anyone who tries to tell you diet doesn’t affect skin is so wrong.

I swear this is driving me effing crazy, I cannot seem to make ANY headway with my skin at the moment. And all I want to do is eat chocolate and chocolate and more chocolate.


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I agree that for may people, diet directly impacts acne.  The frustrating thing is that can take a long time to figure out particular triggers as there can be multiple.  Do you know your triggers?

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