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UPDATE. A year and a half after finishing Roaccutane/Accutane.

Well its well over a year, 18 months since finishing Roaccutane and I'm still clear. I have the odd pimple now and again, mainly cycle related. My skin is a little dry if anything, but only on my face and sorted with a little bit of moisturiser. I am still exceptionally happy with my decision to take it. Pics below are fresh out of the shower with no make up or products on at all.





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Hey. Looks babysoft. Nice thing. I am deciding whether to take it or not. Did you experience any serious side effects, and do you have any before pictures?

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I just had some weight gain while on it which came off fast after I finished. If you go back through my blog there are loads of pictures from beginning and through treatment. Best decision I made!!

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