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I would like to start by giving a little background on my acne. I started to get acne as long as I can remember especially in my middle school and high school years. I have been to the dermatologist so many times I feel like she knows everything about me. I have been on literally every cream and antibiotic possible (such as spironactalone, differen, tretinoin creams, retinas, clindamycin phosphate) and NOTHING worked for my skin.  I had moderate to severe acne, meaning i broke out all over my face, especially my chin and T zone, but i never had cystic acne. Eventually enough was enough and i was tired of crying myself to sleep and avoiding all social interactions. I was desperate enough for accutane. I began accutane my sophomore year of high school and oh what a journey that was. However, it cleared my skin up BEAUTIFULLY and for once i felt like i had my life back. Sadly, this new lifestyle of mine only lasted about a year until i began to break out again. Nothing terrible, my dermatologist prescribed the gel "Tazorac" for me and that seemed to do the trick. She also recommended going on a birth control pill (Vienna) and I was good to go. My freshman year of college however brought nothing but acne all over my foreheard and jawline. I went back to the derm and BEGGED for accutane again but she said I had hormonal acne and accutane was not the answer for that. I thought i was going to start crying in her office i was depressed as is. She prescribed me Spironalactone (50mg twice a day) and Doxycycline (50 mg twice a day) to overpower my hormonal acne. She told me to switch my bc pills to one that will help my acne so now i am on sprintec. She told me to use Tazorac still too. I was distrought because it didnt work for me before why would it work now? anyways thats where i am today so here is my blog on how it is working for me! fingers crossed. 






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