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Current skin - Almost 4 months on Spiro



Here are my pictures of my skin currently. I have like 2/3 active zits on my forehead but there are always little zits under the skin of my forehead  that are not visible in pictures. I also have a lot of red/brown scars, overall redness, blotchyness and hyperpigmentation that you can clearly see. 






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Your skin is looking good! Is there a reason why you had to go up to 100 mg? I'm on 50 mg right now and don't know if that will be enough to work.

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Hi Angelinna! Thanks for the encouragement! I went up because my skin wasn’t improving. I’m now up to 150 mg and I’m still not 100% clear. It’s been almost 3 weeks on 150 mg so I’m hoping by mid May my skin is better then it is now. I keep wondering if maybe having totally clear skin is an unattainable reality. I’ve been on Spiro a total of 5 months today (April 17) and I guess I would have thought if it was gonna totally clear my skin it would have happened by now. I’m still sticking it out till at least the 6th month mark but it can be discouraging. 

How long have you been on the Spiro? I hope it starts working for you soon. I’d say give it at least 3-5 months to see a change and improvement. It’s so hard to be patient though. If you ever need to chat please feel free to private message me! Blessings!

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I've been on Spiro for 11 weeks now and my skin has improved tremendously. No more cystic bumps. I'm pretty sure Spiro is working, but I've also been really strict with my diet and have cut out dairy and sugar. I think diet makes a huge difference. How are you doing now? I think Spiro works differently for everyone but I've heard that it can take longer for some to see results. I'm really hoping and praying for your skin to get better! 

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