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Day 23 and counting........



Overall changes on my body:
The back pain i was experiencing last week has now been on and off but even without pain ointment, it is by and large manageable and i hope it remains that way or is gone completely. 
Changes on my skin:
  1. My face is finally dry (if any other part of my skin is also dry, then i have not noticed it) but not in any way uncomfortably so or visible-i would say it has assumed a "normal-face" status. It feels good to finally not blot out a layer of oil (ok, ok, i am exergarring to make a point..;D) from my face in the course of a day.
  2. My lips are as dry as they were last week and not any worse-largely, manageable.
  3. I have more pronounced small papules all over my face but by no means noticeable by other people, only by me (remember i told you i have a "hands-on-my-face-all- the-time-syndrome"?? Yeeer..). I still wont keep my hands off my face and i will still dig the contents of those small papules with my nails  (poor things) and as a result, i have only aggravated hyper-pigmentation on my face (|::shrug:)! Speaking of contents, when i press those "little monsters", i notice what comes out are well formed "dry" small balls of oil (for lack of better words) as opposed to before where the contents would be mhhhh..."fluidy" (forgive the language, :smileys_n_people_115:). That can only mean the drug is drying the oil deep in my skin and pushing it out through my pores as expected. However, i do not have huge pimples that have whiteheads. 

I have continued with my cleansing-moisturizing-sunscreen routine. For reasons explained above, i have little to show for a change in photos.

So long............


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