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Day 16-The upper backache, eiiiish!!



Its official people, "the little pills are the culprit to the squeaking upper back pain that i have been experiencing"!! :smileys_n_people_40:In my first week after i started Iso, i wrote that i was experiencing some unexplained muscle pains which although not unusual especially after a vigorous workout session, i suspected were an early side effect of Iso. I can now confirm that. The pain is severe at night and because i sit a lot in the office, there is always a lingering pain in the course of a day. Previously, when i would have a backache, largely occupational, i would just have a long run and that would sort me out-well, that seems not to be the magic anymore. While it does not hurt while I workout, doing so does not relieve me of the pain either. I have read that it is important not to over-stress your liver with “unnecessary meds” while on Iso as it is already working too hard to make sure that it metabolizes it. So, I am not taking any oral pain killers-what I am doing though is apply some pain-relieving ointment that relieves the pain-albeit temporarily. I have heard that fish oil helps in this matter-anyone with experience in that and if so, what kind of fish oil, supplements or…??, Thank you...

Changes on my skin:


1.       My lips have continued to be dry but not cracked-in fact, with a good layer of A&D ointment, I am doing relatively well in that area. Otherwise, if feels like there is a layer of artificial skin on my lips that no matter how I moisturize and hydrate, I just can’t get rid of. However, even on naked lip, it is not visible.

2.       My skin is still oily especially on the T-zone. However, I have small bumps all over my face although again not visible to someone else-only when I stretch my face that even I can see them. My face feels rough on the touch though. What has been the most noticeable development is that the pimples I develop, and they are not may-1 on my chin, two stubborn ones on the left side bridge of my nose and one that I just popped on the left side of my forehead are so skin-deep and painful when I try to press them. They are also sometimes itchy. Yet, they are not productive even when there seems to be a pimple-point. There are also some painful bumps on my nose but not formed as a pimple.


Now, let me say that in all my life with acne, I just can’t get myself not to provoke a pimple that is not ready!! I will press and press and press until something comes out-more often than not puss or blood  (sorry guys for sounding gross, just making a point here:smileys_n_people_115:), out of injury. They should invent a pill that prevents hands from touching one’s face especially one that is acne-full/prone|::wall:!! Or is there one already (if you know any, please holla at me..) In fact, my derm assures me that i wouldn’t have as much hyperpigmentation if I just didn’t press the pimples-but I just cant, I can’t!!


Otherwise I still continue with my skin care routine as I have enumerated before. I feel that i have not had significant changes on my skin to warrant photos today.

Addio for now...


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