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The Positive Side Of Acne



I wanna preface this with this is all my opinion

So we all see acne as this negative thing and lets be honest it really is, nobody is happy about having it but when it comes to a silver lining I personally can say for myself that there has been one.

First we can start with one that I think we all have. I think as acne suffers we all have developed an empathetic trait especially to this suffering from acne since we obviously walked a day in their shoes (or still currently are). I think that is great to have as a good person in the world since their are shitty people all over. Just knowing that there are people out there who don't care, and know all the facts and don't give dumb advice like "wash your face more" is very empowering and gives people the feeling they're not alone. This will as well translate to other personal issues aside from acne and having empathy will only benefit the suffers.

Now having acne pushes us all to try anything and everything in an attempt to be clear faced. I like many spent hours online checking out every theory to cure myself, including going plant-based. Many of us have done it and either tried it for a bit, kept it going for a longer period of time or just stick with it to this day. I am one of those people who have stuck with it and this is a silver lining for me. I think I am the healthiest I ever been and am just so self-aware of what I am putting in my body (calories, ingredients, macro / micro nutrients). I exercise for my job regularly and do things to control stress levels like meditation and or yoga. I personally think that a plant based diet is the healthiest diet out there and you may think what you want but that is just my opinion from the research I have done on the subject. I am just very happy to be healthy and healthier then most of the people around me (early 20's, most still living off that university diet). I'd recommend anyone to try a plant-based diet for acne since it did help clear some things up but to each their own. 

So if you're feeling down about the way your skin is looking which I can say I have done a lot, try and spin the situation around and come up with something positive and help your situation out because it isn't fun to dwell on this negativity and just feel depressed, a gleam of positive thoughts even if just for a moment is worth it.



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