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Day 1: Asorbica (Isotretinoin) 30mg



Day 1
I wrote a ton in the About section so check that out if you are curious what I have tried, what led me to Isotretinoin and what I am currently doing. This wasn't a decision I came to lightly.
I am so nervous about stopping my spironolactone and Bactrim. That combination really helped with my breakouts, I just can't keep taking that much medicine every day.
I'll also mention my acne is not "severe" but it is enough to make me stay in and cancel plans when I have a bad breakout. It mainly stays in my T-zone and flares up around my period especially. The past month its been the worst around my chin and sides of my mouth, the higher dose of spiro and Bactrim  helped with that but hasn't completely gone away. I will add pictures later.

I hesitantly took my first dose of 30mg Asorbica this morning around 7:30am. It doesn't have to be taken with food but I still had some yogurt before I took it, just to be safe. I was prescribed 30mg. I weigh about 125 pounds.

I have my birthday at the end of this month and graduation in May, so I'm praying I can avoid the initial breakout. Anyone had luck with no initial breakout or preventing the initial breakout??

Has anyone had experience starting off with every other day? My doctor said I could do that but it was up to me... I wonder if I could alternate days of Asorbica and Spironolactone to wean myself off the spiro and help prevent the initial breakout??
I wish I could continue light-therapy while on Asorbica. I may try the light to nix some breakouts while I am just starting the Asorbica before I get any dryness/redness. Haven't decided yet.

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Evening update Day 1.........
10pm runny nose.... got to be a coincidence I feel like there’s no way I’m already having side effects. Lips dry but just the normal, nothing serious so I don't think it's related.
Evening routine:
9pm: Take birth control.
Washed my face with Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Hydrating Cleaner
Mask: Amazonian clay, tea tree, and vit E (made over a week ago... ran out after this mask so I will make a new one tomorrow)
Toner: forgot to use, oops
Moisturizer: Neutrogena combination skin oil-free moisturizer

Something I thought about today: I typically take a women’s multivitamin..... but I’ve read you shouldn’t take Vitamin A while on Isotretinoin.... I was liking the multivitamin so I’m going to look into alternatives without vit A

Diet: typically buy Fairlife milk because it’s higher in protein & lactose free. I’m lactose intolerant. But since fairlife is technically just extra filtered milk from my understanding it still has milk-protein so I’m probably still not digesting it as well as I could. SO I switched back to Light Almond Milk!
I am not dairy free, I just take Lactaid because I absolutely cannot give up cheese. Just can’t. Won’t. I refuse, I love it. Also yogurt, I think the probiotic benefit outweighs the bad.


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