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Feeling Different



So I am about to start my third week of accutane, and everything is as expected initial breakout (which oddly enough is stopping and clearing up quite early, but lets be real I ain't that lucky), dryness yada yada. 

Interesting enough I did develop a side effect and I had to confirm with the booklet that comes with the pills to see if the pills are causing this and it is "Losing interest in your usual activities". I work out as it sort of a job requirement 6 times a week and yes that is draining and some days I just don't want to go like anyone else, but recently I just can't be asked to go to the gym like the desire is gone, tracking my meal calories I'm getting lazy with it. Obviously I'm home and "recovering" so I am not working and nor am I in school so even just hanging out alone like I have no interest in watching anything, reading anything, cooking anything elaborate, cleaning (which I do daily cause 3 cats and a dog). I am just content sitting and really doing nothing.

It bothers me a bit but I still suck it up and do things that I know I should do, hence why I feel off I am just doing things and not wanting to do any of it. Hopefully this subsides soon enough otherwise I'll just have to work at it since it's not a big deal for me.

I just wanted to update and vent whats going on in my head since I have no one to really tell this to that will understand fully plus writing is a healthier approach than me just keeping this bottled in. Probably end of week 3 I'll post more progress pics and things and in like two weeks what my derm says and all that other jazz.

See ya



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