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~3ish Month Update (Day 104)



~3 month Update(104 days)


Ok I just finished writing this and it's SUPER long so I apologize in advance lol but I felt I had so many updates and things to report :)


Okay so it's been about 3 months and a week. I haven't updated in awhile because things have been starting to look up and I honestly didn't wanna jinx it lol. When I last posted I was in an awful place. My skin was just so bad and not getting better whatsoever. I was on 100mg spiro and 100mg doxycycline. After about 2/2.5 weeks of that nothing really changed and the cysts were continuing to pop up pretty much every day. I feel like I know my skin fairly well and decided to add another 50 spiro everyday so I'd be taking 150mg of the spiro and 100mg doxy. (I know not smart to do without consulting my derm but I wasn't seeing her for awhile and I just knew I needed a higher dose) Anyways after about a week or two of upping to 150 all my really bad cysts started to dry up and kind of flatten out if that makes sense lol. What I also noticed was I wasn't really getting any new ones. I'm not sure if it was the doxy that has caused this shift or the upped dosage but I think it's a little bit of both. I had a couple great days where I barely had any raised bumps on my face. I currently have a few pimples but they aren't like what I had been getting constantly. And I'm pretty sure they aren't really hormonal but more so from not washing my makeup off fully and eating really unhealthy/drinking this weekend. My face feels so much smoother where there isn't any active pimples. My whole left cheek is pretty much al smooth aside from two small raised bumps that are slowly diasappearing. My right is where my bad habits this weekend seemed to show.  There's about  three raised bumps I can feel. One kind of big one that's still trying to heal on my chin from a previous bad breakout and the others are not bad at all compared to what I have been dealing with the last couple months. I am by noooo means where I want to be and my skin still looks pretty awful. Most of the marks though are scars now and just really dark spots that I have to start working on but at least I can cover most of it up pretty good with makeup. I feel way less depressed and don't feel the need to constantly hide in my bed and cry because the state of my face now is so much more manageable with makeup and I don't feel gross going in public now because like I said my face is mostly smooth aside from a couple active bumps so they don't look gross under foundation at this point really. 

Anywaysssss, I had a dermatologist appointment today and I told her how I started to add a 50mg and it really seemed to be helping along with the doxycycline. So I'm going to stay doing the 150mg of spironolactone and she wants to up my dosage of doxycycline to 150mg - she had this whole explanation about how it's different or something then what iv been taking and should really help but we talked about so many different things I don't even remember her exact wording. So I'll be taking 150mg doxycycline now which my skin responds really well to so I'm really excited for it to improve even more than it has in the last few weeks. I'm also going to start taking my doxycycline at night as opposed to with the 150mg spiro in the morning. Taking all of that at once is just way too much for my body to handle. I have to eat a huge breakfast and lay down a lot taking all of it at once and it just makes me so out of it and not feeling great for the rest of the morning/day. I know I should've been splitting it up since the beginning but I had started out doing it all at the same time and since I was seeing a silver lining finally I didn't wanna mess with what I was doing. So tomorrow I'm going to pickup my new doxycycline prescription which actually won't be ready till after 3pm which is good so I'll be forced to take it at night and get into that habit lol. 

Last but not least for my update, I was prescribed a new topical which is mostly to help my scarring and dark spots so that's a good sign that we are starting to work on that since it seems like I'm getting less active pimples. (Fingers crossed). 

It's called Tazarotene cream(.1%). I'm only going to use it once or twice a week o start because I don't know how my skin will react and I'm pretty sure she said it can be extremely drying and peely- something I hate cause that looks so bad under makeup. If anyone has used this PLEASE tell me your experience. I've been trying to read up on it and I'm seeing a lot of mixed reviews. A lot are saying it gets worse first and I'm like uhhhh??? I JUST went through the whole it gets worse before it gets better for months with spiro so like if that's the case no freakin thanks. Still some reviews are super positive. I think I'll just use it as a spot cream on dark scars for now ? My derm said I could do that. And maybe on some of the lingering pimples. I really don't know what to make of it so any insight would be awesome! 

Oh also at my appointment she mentioned Aczone which I'm suppose to still be using? However I felt like it wasn't doing anything because I was still constantly breaking out so it just felt kind of pointless. I used a moisturizer instead every night and even during the day that has benzoyl peroxide in it and I think it's been one of the main things to help my skin. I'm not 100% positive because it could be a mix of many things finally helping but I think it works way better than the Aczone. However she told me Aczone can help with dark spots as well so I'm like do I start that back up again now that my skin has calmed down somewhat ? So again if anyone has experience with Aczone or Tazarotene I would love to hear what you think!! 

Okay I think that's finally it for this months update. I'm going to continue 150mg spiro in the morning and the 150mg doxycycline before bed. As for the topicals I think I'll try out the Tazarotene in small dosages maybe once or twice a week and kind of ease into it because if it's gonna be another initial breakout before it gets better it ain't for me lol. If you've made it this far thanks for reading my super obnoxious long update! I hope my next update will be even more positive than this one! Here's to clear happy skin :)


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