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Starting over...Day 5

Man. This acne journey is rough.

*Can I get an amen?*

If you've been following my blog, my last post basically said I was going to keep wearing natural makeup, restrict my diet and maintain a minimal face care routine. 

Well...it didn't work. 

I was still breaking out around my mouth, which based on face mapping means that it was hormonal (which I've known forever). I restricted my diet even more and went on the Candida diet for a month. Still no change. Now, I'm a very spiritual person, and a little over two weeks ago I felt that God was telling me to fast for 40 days, drinking only juice and water. 

For two weeks, I drank only fruit juice and water (which at first I was worried about because, well, sugar!) and realized that my skin was actually getting better! After two weeks, I drank some juice that was pureed fruit and had fiber which kickstarted my stomach acid, causing me excruciating pain, and decided to finish the fast by only eating fruits and veggies (no oils or spices). Since my skin was looking better (and God was teaching me about inner beauty), I also decided to finish the fast without wearing foundation. When I had done the caveman regimen previously, I noticed great improvement in my skin, it was just way too dry, so this time I'm still cleansing and moisturizing, just not wearing makeup. 

Right now I only have two active pimples around my mouth which is the best it's been since I was on the strict caveman regimen before. After seeing this improvement, I'm realizing how awesome our bodies are! While we fast, the body eats away what is unhealthy and balances itself out. It really is quite amazing. 

Since I now know I can literally go two weeks without food and still feel amazing, I'm definitely going to be incorporating fasting days regularly, I'm thinking full water only fasts every Monday and Thursday. 

So anyways, here's to seeing what the future holds!

Current regimen:
-micellar water for cleansing
-burt's bees daily moisturizer for sensitive skin
-acne.org aha+ lotion once every 4 or 5 days
-eating fruits and veggies only for the rest of my 40 day fast
-light exercise (yoga and walking)IMG_0440 copy.jpg

(Attached pic is mostly scarring, I swear only two of those pimples are active)



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