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Road to clear skin



Hi Everyone


It's my first blog and I'm excited and nerve wrecking at the same time to be blogging about - you-know-it ; Acne. Well to kick it off , I didn't know little things like this can actually destroy you, well for me , destroy my life in general. It made me feel somewhat vunerable and reserved. I know for a fact that I'm not that kind of person but oh sharks acne proves me wrong. So I'm gonna change my lifestyle and see how it goes !!


1st thing to do is of course eat healthy , which I have been doing pretty much the entire year. By healthy I mean only eat organic food and drink lots of bone broth (which I heard is good for you).


2nd is to change my bed sheets . I don't know for a fact whether not changing bedsheets contribute to having acne or not or am I just over thinking but hey who knows.


3rd step is to clean the fan and install air filter to it. Believe it or not , staying indoors is 5X more polluted than being outdoor ! I genuinely think that contributed to my bad skin too .


4th step is to go to the Naturopath and find out my Food intolerance and check for any nutrient deficiencies. I think that should be the first step hahah but nevermind. Anyways , I think is about time to go get my health checked and see the root of the problem rather than masking it. I'm really hoping changing my lifestyle helps with this horrible issue I'm facing haha. Ohya , I'm actually going to see the Naturopath tomorrow so hopefully they'll get to find out the cause of it. I'll update you guys once I'm back from the clinic . If you have anything to say , just leave a comment yeah , I'll reply to Everyone. Takecare!!!



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