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3 week update - Am I going crazy? @[email protected]



So I am back from my 2 week vacation and I have returned with no new spots
. So that's a win win for me :).. I had a Terrible lifestyle in last two weeks.. anyways no major change in my pimple or spots.. I have had few small pimples but they are either gone or visible only when you get really close to my face..I am following the same skin care routine I followed last week

When I started accutane I wasn't even sure it will show any results since I had less active breakouts but huge number of red flat spots on my face..but I have seen so many videos on you tube with results where accutane does clear out all the red spots and pimples.. I am a very impatient person and it's been really discouraging so far.. I know I shouldn't really expect a miracle to happen..it's very unrealistic but my dose is so low..I feel it will take forever for my skin to heal and I am kind of running on a clock here.. I think I may have gone a little crazy..acne is all that is on my mind now and I am sick of it.. I don't wear makeup at all and it take a hell lot of courage to walk out in public looking like  that and people staring at you and judging you specially when you come from a place where you had a clear skin.. I know you are not your acne but it has really taken a toll on my self esteem..I have actually been rejected twice because of my acne..I never realized it but the concept of BEAUTY IS SO FLAWED.. earlier when I had clear skin I never cared to notice people's scars or acne..infact I dated a guy who had lot of scars and pimples and I was surprised to see that I never noticed it untill recently when I found an old photograph. Anyone reading this please pray for me.. I hope this gets over soon..and sorry for rambling about it..I was feeling kind of low today

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Hi Anushree! I just read your blog and honestly I have never related to a person more in my life! Having started Roaccutane 20mg daily myself, I can imagine everything you went through because I'm going through the same now. I am currently on Day 13. I couldn't agree more when you said that I shouldn't expect a miracle to happen but being such an impatient person, I wish the process could speed up. I don't wear makeup myself, so I know it takes an insane amount of courage to go out in public when your self-esteem is so low. 
honestly, I've stopped going out in the day and try to avoid brightly lit places :( I know I should be patient but my major concern is the red marks which these pimples leave behind! Trying to stay positive, we can get through this! xoxo

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