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Day 2



So I thought I should give some background. I’ve had acne for 6 or 7 years (I lost count ages ago) and I felt absolutely awful about it. There’s something people without acne won’t understand about having acne and I won’t try to explain because it wouldn’t make sense without experience. The people close to me would always tell me to wash my face, go to bed, drink water and eat my greens and everything would be fine but we all know that won’t work. Long story short, I went to a dermatologist and tried a combination of an antibiotic and a topical cream which worked at first but when I got off the antibiotic, my acne came back worse than it was before. I, by no means, have severe acne. I would describe it as in between mild and moderate acne. My dermatologist recommended accutane so I agreed because I’m sick of having bad skin and I have been for the past god knows how many years. I live in Australia so iPledge isn’t a thing. All I had to do was take a blood test and wait for my dermatologist to review the results and mail me the prescription (a weird system if you ask me). I got my prescription in the mail yesterday and that brings us to the present. 

Alright now for my actual update. I’m on 20mg once a day and as I’ve mentioned, I got my prescription yesterday so I took my first pill yesterday. I don’t feel any different but I really didn’t expect to. I’m quite excited for my facial skin to dry out because I have very oily skin as in I will put on sunscreen and go out and half an hour later I will have to go to the bathroom to blot my whole face. I have experienced muscle aches but I think that has less to do with the medication and more to do with carrying a heavy backpack on a daily basis. But that’s basically it. Quite boring but it’s only been two days. :P 


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