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4 months - 3 Weeks



Hey. Finished 4 months and almost 3 weeks. So, almost 5 months. Crazy. And what have I noticed? Things are not better, that's for sure. And I would say the skin on my face has gotten worse, and maybe my back has gotten better but I can't tell with the scarring. This is sad. I'm sad about this. this is not what i wanted whatsoever. if you compare my blog posts from the beginning to now, you'll see I was really optimistic, and usually people's optimism goes up during their course, mine is the opposite. I'm starting to realize i'll never get the skin I want, and I know that we never get the perfection we hope for, but I expected this to decrease the noticability of my acne, at the very least. To update what's happening with my skin, I just got a big breakout on my chest and the cysts have immediately started scabbing over. another thing i've noticed are pimples that I don't pop will stay, harden, and then end up scarring. It's almost better to pop cysts, which I've been reluctant to do but have done. These cysts rupture my skin and has made my forehead wrinkle much more prominent. The other night I was up all night, anxious about my wrinkle, like, I'm still outwardly confident and happy, but i'm so self conscious about it.  These breakouts, man, still going on. I don't know when the hell this will get better. 


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