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Day 78 on Spiro (~2.5 months)




So it hasn't been a full 3 months yet but I started this blog in the middle of my "spiro journey" and so I wanted to write where I'm at now. 

It's been exactly 1 week on the 100mg of spiro and 100mg of doxycycline. I honestly feel worse than ever and am losing hope. I know I just need to be patient but it's so frustrating when years ago I used doxycyline to clear my skin and it was drastic and fast. Spironolactone definitely takes time and my hormones are clearly all out of sorts so it's going to take some time to calm everything. It's just getting so hard to look in the mirror everyday at these gross pimples. I rarely go out anymore which is big for me cause I love to be the life of the party and go to bars and stuff with all my friends. I am 22 after all still in my prime. I dread going to work cause I obviously put makeup on and I feel like that makes my skin want to breakout more but I could never bring myself to not wear makeup in public. My face feels too gross to do that :/

I'm trying to be patient but it's so hard I just want my skin back and my life back. So yeah I guess I just have to wait some more. Hopefully by the end of this month when I'm past the three month mark it'll be better. If anyone has been on Spiro or is on it and has any advice or encouragement (desperately need! Haha) feel free to comment your own experience or thoughts. Is it normal to be nearing month three and still looking so gross and getting new cysts? I feel like by now so many people were saying it started clearing but I'm still getting new bad ones. Ugh. I'm gonna stick it out though iv come too far not to even though part of me wants to quit the spiro and stay on the doxy and get BC again ( not the generic version!!) and pray my skin goes back to normal. But iv seen such great success stories w spiro I don't wanna chance quitting it. Well I'll post again when I feel there has been any notable changes (hopefully positive ones- fingers crossed). For now it's back to my bed where iv been hiding for months :/




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