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Month 2 on Spiro



•January 2018•

Skin is still so bad. Barley leave my house besides for work and to walk the dogs on occasion. I went skiing for the weekend w my friends and it was fun but literally every morning I'd wake up before everyone and put so much makeup on so no one would see my actual skin. Just an extremely depressing and miserable time in my life. 


I got an infection on my finger and was on amoxicillin an antibiotic and I was actually excited (sad I know) just because I know antibiotics help with inflammation such as doxycycline which really cleared me up years ago. Not sure if it was in my head or not but after that week on it I felt like I had a couple "good" skin days. I felt like I finally got to the point where I wasn't going to get new pimples. And of course that was too good to be true. Fast forward to my next derm appt. 


•January 24,2018•

Told my derm how I was still breaking out especially with stubborn under the skin ones that last weeks/months even. The worst! Also side note idk if this happens to other people but I will get awful cysts and they will finally go away just for another to pop up in the EXACT same spot. It's probably from me picking and messing with the original one (I know bad- so hard not to though) but it's sooo frustrating. One step forward two step backs am I right ?? Ugh

Anyways I mentioned the antibiotics and how I felt a sliver of hope for a few days there and then I was done with the prescription and boom new pimples again. I also mentioned how doxycycline was my saving grace years ago and asked if I could go on that for a little just to help calm down everything while the spiro kicked in. I was at a breaking point. Told her how much it sucks even just to come to my appointment without makeup on and she had no problem with the doxy prescription and even agreed it was a good idea to try and help for the time being. (Side note : spiro and doxy have no interactions so they are fine to take together!) It's actually quite common to be on an antibiotic while starting spiro to help while it kicks in. I wish I had started the doxy from day 1 with the spiro cause maybe I wouldn't be where I am now but can't change that now. She also upped my spiro dosage to 100mg. So I left that appointment feeling great. I was finally on 100mg spiro which i have read is usually the dosage you need to see big results and 100mg of doxy which worked wonders for me in the past. I couldn't wait to start both of these together. 


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