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First Month and a Halfish on Spiro



•November 17,2017 •

So I was prescribed 25mg spironolactone to start (looking back now that was waayyyy to small of a dosage but I guess you have to work your way up and try everything-smaller the dosage less side effects so my derm wanted to see just how high of a dosage id need) I also got a prescription for Aczone, a topical to use once a day. 

Finally I got to googling all about spironolactone and to my dismay how it could take months to show results Ugh. Still I figured it couldn't be that long of a wait. 

Everyone talks about an initial breakout on spiro and I really don't know if I had one. My skin was already so bad and continuing to breakout every day so it was hard to tell. Either way my skin was awful when I started and that didn't change especially not with the small dosage of 25mg. 


•December 13,2017•

Dermatologist appointment. Almost a month in. Not seeing any remarkable results. Got bumped up to 50mg which was exciting because I figured I'd clear up finally. She told me if there not much of a difference in like two weeks to call and she'd call in another prescription for an additional 25mg so I'd be taking 75mg.


•~December 27,2027•

About 2 weeks later that's exactly what I did. However I had extra 25mgs laying around from my original start dosage so I started the 75mg right away not wanting to wait for the prescription in the mail. So now I was on 75mg a day. Still not seeing improvement but Its nt been a month and two weeks at this point and I know it can take up to 4-6months to really work. Plus I've read that upping dosage can result in breaking out more. So I continued to get new pimples and cysts pretty much everyday still. Lovely 




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