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My (beyond frustrating) Skin History



 ⚠️ WARNING: This first entry is pretty much just explaining my skin history and How   i have ended up here on spironolactone so it is rather long. My next entries will be on my on going journey with spiro :)

Where to even begin. 
I've never had great skin. It's always been on and off good years and bad years. Senior year of high school was a relatively good year. I used proactiv and that was great for awhile. After graduating and going to college my skin went crazy. Maybe from the stress of moving away and starting college who knows. Freshman year my skin was awful. Trying to meet new people and feeling so gros was terrible. Finally my sophomore year I realized I needed to see a dermatologist cause nothing I was doing was helping. I got put on doxycycline (maybe 100mg a day honestly it was awhile ago so I don't really remember) and I also happened to see a gyno and start birth control around that time. I even remeber that day I got the BC (which was for contraception not even my skin)my gyno said this should help with your skin too. Low point in  life that it was so noticeable to her that my skin was god awful. Also At that point I was already on doxy. About a month later my skin had transformed. The combo of doxy and BC (minestrin lo fe) did wonders. I had regained my confidence and was no longer scared to show my face without makeup. It wasn't perfect but it was normal people skin. So from my sophomore year til about the first semester of my senior year of college my skin was not something I had to worry about 24/7. I'd break out here and there if I slept in makeup after a night out -whoops- or around my period but nothing that left me in tears like before. I was loving life and my skin. 
I graduated college and went home for summer still with relatively normal skin. However that changed around November. All of a sudden I was getting HUGE cystic acne alllll over my chin and near my mouth. I had no idea what was happening or why. After a few weeks of trying to wait it out and try different products I couldn't take it and made an appointment at the dermatologist (different one from before). About a week before my appointment I had made a tremendous discovery. My birth control which I receive in the mail from express scripts had switched to the generic version. I remeber seeing the change in packaging and reading that it's the same thing I had been receiving just the generic version so I was like oh no biggie and didn't think twice about it.  However now I wasn't so sure it was no biggie. I googled what I was now taking and right away the reviews were all the same - awful cystic acne. I was relived it wasn't just me but also pissed off because it was my own self taking these stupid pills that destroyed my skin. Every night at 7pm like clockwork I'd take my birth control not knowing it was slowly screwing up all my hormones and making my skin slowly get worse and worse. (When I realized that I immediately stopped taking them and threw all that BC in the garbage i didnt even wanna look at it lol)

Fast forward to my dermatologist appointment where I told her everything skin wise and immediately she prescribed me spironolactone. I didn't know much about it but I knew i had read about it once or twice after one of my frantic google searches on cystic acne when this all began. I thought it would be like the doxycycline and clear me up in a month or so. Boy was I wrong. And so here i am to log my continuous journey of spironolactone. 


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